Photography, Video, and Aerial Services

At Magic Factor Media, we offer premium Photography and Video Production services, and Aerial Photography and Mapping. We specialize in Architectural Photography, but also work with Lifestyle and Commercial clients, and have a thriving aerial photo, video, and mapping division.

We don’t use automated HDR software in our photography, instead we retouch our multiple-exposure images by hand. We believe the process achieves a more natural and better balanced, higher-end look, and it also allows us the flexibility to carefully work in more exposures for individual strobes, glare reduction, and other details. It does take time, and a lot of work, but we feel strongly in delivering the best possible images.

Premium Photography Services

Our top-tier photography services are intended to provide the highest-quality images crafted for publication-level work. At this level, we work for a day-rate, or on a per-image basis. It involves careful attention to composition and staging, often requiring an hour or more for each image set up, and scrupulous attention to retouching detail to create the cleanest, natural-looking images. We work alongside the client to craft the composition and staging, add lighting and strobes to give sparkle and pop to details, diffuse glare and hot spots, and take necessary steps to ensure the most dynamic images we can. We can deliver up to 10 images for a day-shoot at this level.

Clients can organize several parties ahead of time to participate in the licensing of the shoot, reducing the cost per party significantly.

Architectural Photography - high end

Portfolio Photography Services

Our portfolio photography services fill a need for a more economical web-based portfolio photography for architects, designers, builders, contractors, suppliers and others. This is a package of 8-12 images, to keep costs down we require the site to be pre-staged, and use notes about the desired images to work more quickly and efficiently to set up compositions, likely without the client on-site. As above, bringing additional parties in to the project ahead of time reduces the costs for all.

Video Production

Magic Factor Media produces high-quality videos with carefully-edited sequences meant to convey the information and feeling required by the client. Our branding pieces are meant to engage the viewer in the content, but also the sound and mood to best present the subject in moving images, interview and music. We work with a variety of camera techniques including aerial drones, cranes, sliders, and gimbals to best bring the subject matter to life.

Aerial Photography and Mapping

Magic Factor Media produces high-quality aerial photos and aerial photo maps. We are FAA Part 107  certified and hold business insurance including drone-specific insurance. Please see more about Aerial Mapping.